By using Mercury FX services, international and multinational companies can save time and cost on international payments as well as managing global FX exposures. 


We have been saving our international clients thousands for years by offering great rates and hedging strategies - let us help your business do the same.


Documents required:


- Latest Business Registration

- Certificate of Incorporation

- Memorandum and Articles of Association

- Incorporation form or the latest Annual


- Proof of address (monthly statement issued

  within 3 months)

- Photo ID (permanent HKID card or valid

  Passport) and proof of residential address

  (issued within 3 months) of all directors

- Photo ID (permanent HKID card or valid

  Passport) and proof of residential address

  (issued within 3 months) of shareholder(s)

  having 10% or above of ownership of the


- Board Resolutions to open an account with

  Mercury FX and to appoint an authorised

  person to apply/operate the account on

  behalf of the company


*Please provide the same if a shareholer is a







Mercury FX is not just for companies. If you are an individual who makes international payments, we can save you money. We will offer you a relatively competitive rates on about 20 currencies.


We will make the process quick and easy, while giving you a personalised service. Our team of experts is here to help you get the best from the currency markets.


Documents required:


- Photo ID (permanent HKID card or valid


- Proof of residential address (issued within 3












To comply with industry regulations, all applicants must provide valid photo identification. We would prefer permanent HKID card or a valid passport in your own name. Other ID documents may not be accepted.


In some instances, we may ask for a few other documents to verify your identity before opening an account but we will tell you about this during the application process.


All documents submitted by applicants are strictly confidential and only used for customer due dilligence.




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